Breathe health

As a protection measure for our staff and to guarantee the comfort of our guests, we remind you smoking is forbidden in our rooms and common areas. Neither in the windows nor balconies.

The violation of this regulation will provoke a 100€ sanction by the hotel, which will cover a full sanitation process into the room. This will be charge to your credit card.

Thanks for your cooperation.

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BREAKFAST – SCHEDULE 8.30am to 10.00am – Price € 9.50

In accordance with health and safety measures, we have established different breakfast schedules. We have considered 30 minutes is enough time to enjoy a pleasant breakfast.

Breakfast consists in: ham and cheese bread bun (butter or jam) + coffee with milk + juice + Yogurt with muesli or seeds / Fruit bowl (*) + pastry

(*) Every other day
Any Change or addition will carry an extra cost.

 Self-service for rooms. Upon request 12h: Breakfast will be served in a single service. You will be able to come and pick it up when we ring your room. 

You can also request a take-away picnic if you have no time to have breakfast.

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Clean and safe

As preventive measures and to minimize the risk of infection of our guests and staff, we have developed the following measures:

  • Personal protective equipment for our staff.
  • Temperature monitoring.
  • Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers installation.
  • Recommended safety distances information.
  • Safety screens installation.
  • Sterilization of opening cards.
  • Room equipments fully sanitized
  • Room decoration has been removed.
  • Development, implementation and monitoring of new cleaning standards and sanitation protocols in rooms, common areas and staff areas.
  • Creation of QR codes in order to eliminate signage and guarantee complete and updated information.

Additional sanitation and cleaning measures:

  • It consists in carrying out the process by which a product free of viable microorganisms is obtained. It is made on small objects.
  • It consists in a chemical process that eradicates microorganisms without discrimination bacteria, viruses. We use disinfectants that reduce harmful organisms to a level that does not harm health. It is made on surfaces, washrooms and floors.
  • It consists in preparing a place according to hygiene standards. Tasks such as ventilation, dust cleaning, ventilation, bedding, garbage removal, etc.
  • Process by which oxygen is transformed into ozone to clean and disinfect the environment, freeing it from organic and inorganic contamination. The WHO recognizes it as the most efficient disinfectant against all kinds of microorganisms, including viral agents. It acts very quickly and efficiently against bacteria, viruses, fungi or protozoa, in addition to breaking down quickly. Your room has been ozonated before your arrival.
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Responsible consumption

Using the necessary water, turning off the lights you don’t need, turning the air conditioning off when you are not around or using it with the windows closed, are small gestures that do a great action to our planet.

We count on your collaboration.

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Recycle with us

Recicla con nosotros

Towels and sheets

Respect for the environment is very important to us. With a responsible consumption of the laundry service, you help by reducing the consumption of water and detergent so less CO2 is emitted. Hanging your towels after each use is a good gesture for our planet.

Do you think you can keep your sheets and towels during your stay?
We count on you.

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You have been provided with a soap dispenser in the shower to avoid the use of unnecessary plastics. As well as everything you need to complete your well-being.

Dental set, razor blade, shoe shiner, shower cap.

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