Next Friday, September 27 on the occasion of World Tourism Day, three free passes will be held at the Roman Theater in Malaga. This important Malaga monument will host three groups of 25 people, who can visit it for free accompanied by an expert guide, at 11:00, 12:00 and 13:00 respectively. The reservation is not necessary, since the groups will be formed a few minutes before the visit.

From the Atarazanas Hotel we encourage you to take advantage of this unique occasion to get to know the cultural and artistic heritage of Malaga better, with this example of Roman theater, which in some areas retains remains of the original painting.

 In addition, in the vicinity of this central monument you can see other unique elements of the time such as the pools where the garum was made (fermented fish sauce, much appreciated in Roman times), which becomes fashionable again because scientists have deciphered its formula and many Spanish chefs have used it again and created new formulas.