Access, admission and retention in the establishment

This hotel is a public and free access, no restrictions other than those derived from the laws and this regulation. The admission and retention of people in this setting will only be refused for the following reasons:
a) For lack of accommodation capacity or facilities.

b) By breached the admission requirements established in these regulations.

c) For adopted behaviors that may cause distress or inconvenience to others or users, or hinder the normal development of the activity.

When the circumstances mentioned or persons incurred in one or more of the restrictions listed above, the responsible establishment may require that you leave them on payment, if any, of the accounts pending delivery tuvieren service and consumption.

It is expressly stated that no refuse or restrict free access to facilities, services and accommodations at this hotel for people who want it, on grounds of sex, disability, with or without a guide dog, religion, opinion or any other personal or social circumstance.

Public and admission document
The person or persons who wish to make use of the accommodation units, common facilities and, where appropriate, ancillary services listed in this Regulation, shall present their identification documents for the purpose of admission and enrollment in the establishment.This establishment registration, once the person registered, will develop an admission document stating the name, category and registration number of the establishment or identification number assigned accommodation, number of persons who will occupy it, dates of entry and exit and having concerted diet and when contracts directly, also the price of accommodation. This admission document, completed in duplicate, shall be signed by the applicant to formalize their admission, once informed of the existence of these regulations and their rights and obligations. The original shall be delivered to the user and the copy retained by the establecimiento.Los complementary services are offered and provided by this establishment or by persons or entities are detailed in reception, will be formalized in the relevant documents and will be settled in accordance with agreed terms.
House rules and operation:  
Rights and obligations of users
Users can freely access the property and stay in it, with the limitations contained in the rules of submission referred to in paragraph 1 and in this reglamento.Los Users are entitled to receive accurate, complete and pre-employment services offered. At that, such services are guaranteed their security, privacy and tranquility, to correspond with the agreed conditions, to give them invoice, regulatory formalities, for contracted services directly and if they wish to make a complaint , will be delivered reclamaciones.Los leaves users are obliged to observe the rules contained in this regulation, which expressly accept signing the admission document and the regulations issued by the security, coexistence and hygiene, appropriate use the establishment. Users must prove his status, showing the admission document, when required, to respect the facilities and equipment of this property and pay the amount of the contracted services at the time of submission of the invoice or as agreed conditions. The filing of a claim does not remove the obligation of payment of the contracted services.
Rights and obligations of the hotel company
This property may seek the assistance of law enforcement officers to vacate their premises to users who violate these rules, seeking to enter or stay in them for a purpose other than normal use of hotel service and, where appropriate, to people who are not registered as users, attending banquets, conventions, etc.. or incurred in the cases provided for in paragraph 2 may request establishment anterior.Este guarantee payment for contracted services according to the applicable regulations and appropriate to charge the users account pordaños or damages that occur in facilities, furniture and elements of establishing negligence or misuse of those.You can also vary the time of different services consumption, use and enjoyment throughout the seasons, depending on seasonality, and reserves the right to not allow users outside these times, even when it exceeds the maximum authorized appraisals or where requested admission limits, thereby harming the work schedule of such services.

The aforementioned services, the details of their scheduled times, prices and conditions of use, are exposed at the entrances to them and, in summary, existing directories in the accommodation, which also contains information evacuation plan and emergency services are free.

This is required to give maximum publicity prices in reception and making them available to users. To inform such users, before recruitment, conditions of service delivery and prices. To provide them with the highest quality, in accordance with its category and contract terms. Take care that users be given proper treatment. To care for and maintain good facilities and services. To have a Director or Manager as head of the establishment to users. To have complaint forms and report their existence.

From facilitate users who can not attend, for incurring excess reserves, accommodation in an establishment of the same area, the same group, modality, if any, specialty, and the same or higher category. Expenses or premiums arising from such causes shall be charged to this establishment, otherwise, it will return the user to the differences that occur in your favor.

Periods of occupation of the accommodation units
Users of this establishment are entitled to occupy the accommodation unit from 12 am on the first day of the contract period to 12 hours a day designated as salida.No date, however, maximum occupancy dates, may be delayed by two hours the provision of user alojamiento.Por unit agreement between the parties, can remember a different regime of occupation of the accommodation units, if any, should be reflected in the admission document. The extension in the occupation of the housing unit for longer than the contracted cause the duty to pay an extra day and in the event that the user wants to stay more days housed than those recruited and specified in the admission document, provided must be agreement between the parties.
Prices, invoices and information
The hotel establishment is not responsible for the price, not the use of tools, equipment and other services provided outside of the enclosure of the hotel establishment or staff behavior external to it, except that it is claimed explicitly in their terms and rates. the rates with the rates and conditions of the different types of accommodation, catering services, bars, events, conferences, banquets, laundry, deposit boxes and complimentary services themselves and outside persons or entities are detailed in reception available to users upon request.The turnover rates are calculated for days accommodations in accordance with the number of overnight stays. The minimum billing amount will be hosting an overnight stay or day, meaning it finished at 12 noon the day following the date of entry.

The establishment may require its users, at any time after the filing of the bill and receipts, payment of services rendered outside the accommodation, even if its payment had been agreed in advance.

The legal or natural persons, on their own, provide complementary services units at this hotel are responsible for their staff and their performance, operation, maintenance, pricing regime and everything concerned with their own services. In each of these units will be clearly identified the holder thereof.

In accommodation units a directory with price information of the most common services. Only bills provide accommodation and services contracted directly by users.

Use and enjoyment of facilities, equipment and services:
In receiving the necessary arrangements will be made for the admission of persons to the establishment and be stored keys or cards to access accommodation. The Director, along with the reception staff and, where appropriate, concierge, are responsible or related facilities for all users of the hotel complex affairs and information and advice from them.
In each unit is installed a safe for hire for those who wish. In the directories that exist in such accommodation indicated this service and the conditions of acceptance and use. The establishment is not responsible for the loss of objects or values ??that are not deposited in these boxes.
Laundry and dry cleaning
Each property is located information with the conditions of these services, pricing and delivery schedules and return of items. The establishment is not responsible for garments that by its terms or use compositions, shrinking, fading or deterioration.
Early breakfast service
If a customer has its output before the time of running restaurants, enjoy a picnic. To access this breakfast must notify the front desk the day before the date on which the service is to be provided.
It is not allowed to use the elevators to minors unaccompanied by an adult responsable.No is allowed access to the animal facility, except as indicated for guide dogs allowed discapacitados.No wander the spaces and common areas barefoot and shirtless. The restaurant will not be allowed entry to the gentlemen in shorts and tank tops.From the 22 hours is mandatory keep silent because in the halls and accommodation in order not to disturb the rest of the other users.

Before entering the consumer centers must display users, those responsible for them, the admission document or card, in order to be able to control the charges to them by performing consumption.

The diet is not transferable.

Garments tend not allowed in the railings of the terraces and hallways.

It is expressly forbidden in all areas and departments of the establishment, use, consumption or possession of products and hazardous substances under the existing legislation on public health.

To ensure security, privacy and tranquility of users, this hotel establishment has technical electronic surveillance devices, with permanent recording elements, walkways and other general or common areas.

Internal regulations of the establishment:

According to Art 13 of the Decree 74/2004 of February 10, the Hotel Establishments, BOJA No. 42, of March 2, 2004, the establishment has the following Internal Regulations which will be mandatory for the guests of the.

  1. Art # 13. Rules of procedure.
    1. The hotels may have an internal regulation which will set mandatory standards for users during the stay.
    2. The internal system that regulates, if any, exists, specify at least, the conditions of admission, the rules of behavior and performance, as well as anything that allows and promotes the normal development of the enjoyment of the facilities, equipment and services.
    3. The owners of the hotels may seek the assistance of law enforcement officials to evict them to users who breach the rules of procedure or wishing to enter or remain in them for a purpose other than normal use of the service, in accordance with the provisions of Art 33.2 º Tourism Act.  

2. Users will have the obligation to pay the amount of the contracted services at the time of presentation of the bill.

3. The Hotel may require prior guarantee credit card payment for contracted services, both for the entire reservation as that of the extras, under the law applicable.

4. The accommodation booking begins at 12:00 am on the first day of the contracted period, except during periods of maximum occupancy, which may delay by the establishment to 14:00 and ends at 12:00 pm the day designated as departure date. For any changes, pray see reception. The extension in time occupation than described, without any prior agreement, will result in a duty to pay another day.

5. Not be allowed to stay for two people in a double room had been hired as individually. In that case, you pay the fee set for double use.

6. The cleaning schedule of the rooms is from 09:00 to 13:30.

7. Smoking is prohibited in public areas and rooms.

8. It prohibits introducing food or drinks in the Hotel for consumption within the establishment.

9. No food is allowed out, meals and drinks Hotel Eater.

10. Access is prohibited persons accompanied by animals, except for guide dogs accompanied by people, as established by Law 5/1998, of November 23, on the use of guide dogs in Andalusia by people with visual dysfunctions.

11. Under Decree 10/2003 Art 5 and 7 approving the General Regulations for Admission of persons in public entertainment facilities and recreational activities, access is denied and the stay of persons in the establishment in the following cases:

  • When the capacity set is complete with users who are in the interior of the premises or.
  • When you have passed the closing time of the establishment.
  • When you lack the minimum age for access to local, under current regulations.
  • When the person seeking access has not paid the entry or locality where the contribution is due.
  • When the individual developing violent behavior, especially when to behave aggressively or provoke altercations, origine hazard or inconvenience to other attendees, or does not meet hygiene conditions.
  • When the person to carry weapons, and objects that can be used as such, except that pursuant to the provisions of each time under specific applicable regulations on members of the Security Forces or private bodyguards private integrated , and access to the establishment in the exercise of its functions.
  • When the person is using drugs, narcotic or psychotropic substances, or consumed if any symptoms show, and showing obvious signs or behaviors to be drunk.
  • When cause noises that disturb the normal development of the establishment.
  • When not to take action or attitudes against the establishment clean and sanitary.
  • When impairment of normal social life of the establishment.

12. However, in the cases described above, the person is

liable for payment of the expenses generated until

Access prohibition or stay on site.
13. No establishment can book services or units

accommodation against the stipulated price.

14. The movement and residence within the establishment will be in places

reserved for customers, without allowing them access in any way to the rooms or spaces reserved or private. The attire or clothing will be those established for the purpose.

15. Not allowed access to the restaurant or buffet or dining establishment with workwear or bath or tank tops.

16. The Hotel is not responsible for theft or loss of items not deposited under deposit Front, whose maximum value is € 6,010.

17. Safety regulations prohibit the use of iron in the rooms of the Hotel.

18. If reception has been given the badge is credited as Guest of Establishment. Carry it with you inside the premises.

19. If you want to fix the room, hang the message “please fix the room” on the outside of the door of his room. Should you wish to not be disturbed, replace the message “Please do not disturb” on the outside of the door of his room.

20. You may not use the towels and other garments of room for outdoor use. The property offers its guests beach towels for hire for exclusive use on request at reception and handed over in the same department. In case of loss or damage to the towel, the customer shall pay the amount thereof.

21. The hotel reserves the right to some kind of defect, damage or theft caused to the room or any other facility of the hotel by the client, this claim of compensation.

22. Managers of establishments recommended:

  • Monitor and control your luggage. Do not leave unattended.
  • Close the door to her room to get out of it and try to open it again to make sure it is properly closed, even if only for a short time.
  • Keep the door closed when in the room.
  • Lock your luggage when not in use. If the luggage has a lock, use it always.
  • Protect your room key. Do not simply leave the key in the reception desk. Always return your key in hand, when you leave the hotel.
  • Immediately notify the management of any abnormal event that appreciates as people acting suspiciously down the hall, repeated phone calls from people who do not identify, called at the door of his room of people unknown to you, or not find anyone in the door when you go to open.
  • Not bother if you ask at reception to be identified.
  • Not display jewelry, money or valuables in your room.
  • Not invite strangers to your room, or tell her number.
  • Not allow repairs staff enter your room without having required or authorized Hotel Management.
  • Do not allow people in your room, with deliveries that have not been requested.
  • Establish social relationships with strangers, do not reveal the name of your hotel and your room number.
  • Not discuss specific plans for future tours, excursions, etc.. in public or with strangers.
  • Not show your room key in public places.
  • If you discover any type of damage or defective, please contact reception.
  • Wiring in your room is 220 volts
  • Areas where there are rooms during the night and nap and generally avoid making unnecessary noise.
  • Please use the facilities properly, respecting the furniture.
  • Please follow the schedule for all the Hotel
  • Appreciate your participation in the event that during your stay in the Hotel, you practice any casualty or evacuation drill.
  • Some schedule may change depending on the time of year. 



Terms and conditions Cancellation Policy
To confirm your reservation is essential credit card and expiration date Any amendment or cancellation made Less than 24 hours before day of arrival, will cost you 100% of the value of the first night’s reservation. These expenses will be charged to the card provided as guarantee of the reservation
General provisions
Persons accessing this hotel establishment shall be required to comply with this Regulation, as it does not contradict the Law 12/1999, of 15 December, the Tourism, Decree 47/2004, of February 10, of hotels, and other applicable standards and Precept.
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