This badge guarantees the fulfillment of a series of requirements in the cleaning, health and hygiene measures in each of the establishments at the time they reactivate their activities.

The measures refer to different aspects whose purpose is to guarantee the safety of customers at the time of entering the premises until their departure, as well as the workers of the establishment.

Among the most relevant measures that are considered for the granting of the COVID Free Establishment badge are:

– Temperature control upon entering the premises.
– Limited capacity inside and outside the premises.
– Separation of tables for compliance with minimum distance.
– Implementation of hydrogel dispensers.
– Extreme hygiene in food handling.
– Cleaning and decontamination of utensils and bathrooms.
– Installation of partition walls.
– Personal protective equipment to work with suppliers.
– Control of entry and exit of staff, customers and suppliers of the premises.
– Use of appropriate clothing (masks) and disinfected by staff.
– Handwashing and staff cleaning protocols.
– Restrictions on the use of the bar to eat meals.

Safety first!