A bronze-age dagger, a Phoenician gold medallion, an Egyptian vessel, sculptures and Roman objects, very unique coins of the Muslim period … These are only some of the valuable pieces found in the National Archaeological Museum (MAN) in Madrid, and that Malaga has requested numerous times, always obtaining a negative response from the Ministry of Culture.

Specifically, these are the ten treasures that belong to Malaga and Malaga and that are in the MAN:

Periana bronze age dagger
Gold medallion of the Phoenician colonization
Mnevis canopy glass
Statue of the Urania Muse
Lex Flavia Malacitana
Tabula Hospitalis de Lacilbula
Bobastro spearhead
Golden dinar of the Taifa Hammudi of Malaga
Case with 133 Roman gold coins for Felipe V
200 fleece reais from the Bank of Malaga

Of all of them, we highlight the Lex Flavias Malacitana (also Lex Malacae). Large, it is a unique piece of the influence of Rome in ancient Hispania.

It is a bronze table that contains a fragment of the original legal text and contains chapters 51 to 69, in which details are discussed for the development and procedure of the elections and appointment of the employer of the municipality.

The lex of the Municipium Flavium Malacitanum, which was promulgated between the years 81 and 96 was a recognition to Malaga of its status as a city within the Roman Empire.

The Malaga City Council has a copy of these tables, which it exposes in the Plenary Hall, but it is a historical claim that the originals can be contemplated in Malaga.