In October 2013, 366 immigrants died in a shipwreck in Lampedusa, Italy. They came from Eritrea and Somalia, went out looking for a better future, found death. Since this tragedy occurred, the number of people killed and missing in the Mediterranean exceeds 15,000, becoming the largest migrant cemetery in the world and a real shame for the Western world. As the Pope himself said, it is “a new holocaust.”

In April 2014, the Italian Foundation “House of the Holy Spirit and the Arts” presented Pope Francis with a cross made with shipwrecked boards in front of Lampedusa. The Pope blessed her and charged them: “Take her everywhere.”

“To venerate it means to let it take your heart,” says Graziella Cuccu, ambassador of the Foundation in the world. She has been in charge of leaving a small replica in Malaga to remain forever as a memory of her passing.

His visit represents an opportunity to sensitize society about the migration drama, and to take action. It is also intended to be an incentive that allows raising awareness before such a reality

Lampedusa’s Cross will be in the diocese of Malaga from December 22 to January 5.