Today we want to talk about the capoeira classes taught by Rodrigo Oliveira Feitosa.

Until December 31, and for 30 euros a month, we will be able to enjoy your classes (Tuesday and Thursday, from 8pm to 9pm).

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines aspects of music, dance and acrobatics. Developed in the era of slavery, it was transmitted in secret, usually through a relative, such as a father or an uncle, or in small groups where young people from a particular community received advice from the oldest members.

Among the physical and physiological benefits of this technique is the improvement of cardiac function and respiratory system, as well as posture, agility and reflexes. It promotes body flexibility and muscle strengthening and gives strength and resistance to the body.

We encourage you to participate. If you are interested, you can call and ask in ‘La Térmica’. Avenida de los Guindos, 48. Telephone: 952 061 000