The Arab baths are part of the heritage of Al-Andalus and have become one of the essential visits in many cities in the region.

The hammam have multiplied in recent years, and you have to take advantage of them, because today, more than ever, you should take care of yourself, pamper yourself and take time for yourself.

Popularly known as ‘Arab baths’, they are places that convey serenity, some peace and quiet.

In the old Al-Andalus, these facilities used to be found near mosques. The objective was none other than to guarantee the corporal and spiritual purity of the faithful who were going to access the temples.

The believers washed themselves in full body and the reigning silence invited introspection and reflection, as a previous step to proceed to prayers.

It is normal to go to these places to relax and leave stress aside. Best of all, they force us to separate from the mobile, which seems great to us! Whatsapp or the like, however submersible your iPhone is! 🙂

From the Atarazanas Hotel, we recommend this unique experience. In Malaga you have many options. Ask us!