Today we talk about an illustrious neighbor of Malaga. It is neither more nor less than ‘Victoria la malagueña’.

It is not human. Rather, it looks robotic, or rather, virtual. Victoria is a ‘chatbot’, and thanks to her we can get useful information about the city of Malaga. You can talk freely with her, openly.

At the moment it has parking information, bus arrival times at certain stops, traffic cameras, vocabulary from Malaga, curiosities, characters, restaurants, and so on.

It could occur to more than one to want to use it to replace your partner, since Victoria also tells you jokes, gives advice and recommends plans to make, since she is knowledgeable about the city’s events agenda.

All features are described on its website:
We can follow all your news on the Facebook page:

The creator of such a feat is David Bueno Vallejo, Manager of the Municipal Computing Center (CEMI) of the City of Malaga. Do not stop following him on Twitter: @davidbuenov