1. Bobastro Ruins. Bobastro is an old town located in the north of the province of Malaga, where Omar Ben Hafsún established the capital of his dominions, in 880, when he revolted against the Emir of Córdoba.
  2. Africa viewpoint. From this natural viewpoint it is possible to contemplate exceptional panoramic views of the area and surroundings. This viewpoint is a point of interest where you can observe various species of migratory birds of prey in the Serranía de Ronda
  3. Belda Cave. Located in the Sierra del Calamorro, in the municipality of Cuevas de San Marcos, it has a very high geological, archaeological and biological value. It constitutes a gallery of karst origin, with the typical stalactite and stalagmite formations of a limestone cave. Inside the cave there is a large colony of bats, and also abundant fauna such as arachnids, crustaceans, myriapods and beetles.
  4. Colomares Castle. The Colomares Castle is a monument located in Benalmádena, Malaga province, Spain. This construction was erected between the years 1987 and 1994 by Esteban Martín and Martín to honor Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of America.
  5. Lacipo, in Casares. The Roman city of Lacipo, located in the Casares district, in the area known as El Torreón, is practically a watchtower on an important penetration route, from the coast to the interior, in Roman times